Beef stew with Swiss Chard-Kyle Leon

Today we will be preparing a stew of beef with chard, a fabulous diet that contains high levels of iron, magnesium and potassium. It is a simple and easy-to-prepare recipe and gives us enough protein values to our health. For this recipe we will need the following.Customized Fat Loss Review


2 tomatoes.
1 Jalapeno Chile.
1 clove of garlic.
1 bunch Swiss chard.
1 tablespoon of soy sauce.
Beef lean meat.
Salt and pepper.


To start we put 2 whole tomatoes, a Jalapeno and a clove of garlic roasted, then cut the stem of the Chard and cut in to piece. Then we went to beef, she is recommend you purchase lean beef, bone is white, our steak cut into small pieces.We now turn to add tomatoes, garlic clove and jalapeño in a blender, the latter can be replaced by red pepper, no problems and finally we add a little bit of salt and liquefy it well.

The following would be to place the beets in a pan, we add a little bit of salt and about this we will add the meat, now let’s spray him our Smoothie but filtered through a sieve, so that not to leak it Peel the tomato, then put you pepper and a table spoon of soy sauce, pass it to the stove over high heat and we will reduce it to cook and cover it for a few minutes.

Tip: If you like a little dry, only to let more time on fire, but this is really wonderful, and with absolutely nothing of fat, these recipes can eat it people with diabetes, cholesterol and diet, they do not have any kind of problems and everything is natural.



Fibroids Miracle-The signs of skin aging

Effectively help fight the signs of skin aging are fruits and vegetable masks, herbal infusions and lotions and tonics from natural juices.

Invaluable assistance has on the skin carrying massage: emollient, hygiene, preventive, vibration-plastic, cryomassage. If prior to the massage on the skin apply cream with active ingredients, then under the influence of mechanical movements on the skin during the massage is more active penetration of active substances into the skin, and therefore benefit increases at times!

Regularly rejuvenating facial exercises, pay attention to the neck (that she often gives the woman’s age!) and exercises against the formation of a second chin;this is where it really is easier to prevent than to deal with the consequences of its occurrence.
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Do not forget about such procedures as paraffin and steam bath for the face.Of course, it is worth recalling that power and that gets withering skin, not only externally but also from within. Ensure that age in your diet is not decreased, and increased content of vitamins (especially such important as C, E, A, B, D, F). Follow hormone levels.

Include in the diet phytoestrogens – Extend your youth! Give up bad habits! And I’m not talking only about smoking and alcohol.
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About that, what other habits harm our beauty, too, need to know. Well, chin up! You can slow down the aging process! More positive thoughts! Smile! The main thing – to act and not to lower arms!

Problem Hair Growth Under The Skin

When Hair unwanted suffering from growth under the skin significantly, until it becomes a long, so strongly I can remove it, note that the type of hair thick and heavy, and more areas that grow under the skin where the hair is on the legs, Is there a solution to this problem? Note that it has caused embarrassment to me. Ways proven and useful you can use to stop the growth of hair:

1 – Soak lupine in water for 6 hours, then TAKE water and Keep it in the refrigerator and grease it on your arms and legs and everywhere devoid of hair, and keep it for 3 weeks daily.

2 – Take the olive oil and grease by your body, and you will notice that hair growth delay, and when the show will light, and if the hair kind boor it will appear very weak, and reconcile with after the hair of the legs in the traditional manner (sweetness) began to grow hair, but under the skin became the halos in the form of a black and red semi-inflamed. Patient it for three weeks now but it’s still growing quirky under the skin.

Is this a rare case? What is the treatment for her? Thank Here are some important tips that may help alleviate the pain caused by hair removal a ways to soften hair growth

1 – Beware of the use of sweetness to many times for fear of injury gland hair and damage and so as not to lose the sweet smoothness and become less efficient and caused Breaking Hair
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2 – should not exceed the temperature of sweetness 40 ° C and only going to be the cause of the burning of the skin, and the most important that the high temperature limit appropriate to cause dilation and swelling of the veins and you become then susceptible to disease, varicose veins.

3 – Everyday sweetness on the skin in thick layers thus not break it during the process of push and pull.
4 – Do not try to attract the sweetness quickly.

Problem Hair Growth Under The Skin And Treatment

The hair follicle is surrounded by resemble acne causing pain on the skin surface could cause hair growth under the skin in the incidence of inflammation around the hair shaft to developing the interior, and in particular to the owners of oily skin.

It is likely to be extended to long periods of inflammation causing a lot of distress to the owners of the problem, especially since the extent of the response to treatment is limited, so it is sometimes necessary to remove those hairs from under the skin.

Preferably hair is removed at intervals. When you remove hair, has to be sterilized skin first using acid detergent before the removal, because of the easy entry of a microbial friendly that live on the skin naturally into the hair follicles, which causes inflammation of them and thus change the direction of the hair or the occurrence of patches Place onion on the skin. No specific reasons for this problem, but it is the most important known causes that cause hair growth to the inside:

1 – Hair wrinkled.

2 – in cases of eczema fatty acids.

3 – Exposure to injuries.

4 – Way razor from bottom to top.

5 – Oily skin.

6 – Increasing the thickness of the skin
7 – in some cases, the use of wax (or sugar) increases the rate of growth of hair under the skin, which leads to the emergence of small grains, causing inflammation around the hair may thus lead to inflammation of the lymph nodes nearby.
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8 – with a darker skin color. , and I, my daughters has compiled answers to the doctors to the problem after doing my job sweetness to disarm furry leg I notice hair growth – recently – under the skin + the existence of black heads bother me a form and I do not know how to get rid of them I have noticed it’s something diffuse Many among Is this normal??,

that the method of hair removal in the wrong way is what causes this phenomenon, what happens is that the microbes on the skin after waxing process to carry out the bulb and is doing inflammation occurs (3-7) after removal Hair worked to change the direction of the bulb appears under the skin in the same way that recommend using natural means containing honey naturally in hair removal.

The Problem Of Dry Skin Steadily

Cause dryness of the skin is the small size of the pores, in low levels of the skin as well as the humidity is very low in the upper levels is characterized by dry skin dry and clear view due to the inability to retain moisture.

The reason for the dryness of the skin is the small size of the pores, in low levels of the skin as well as the humidity is very low in the upper levels.

Symptoms include feeling tight and itchy after washing the face. Which requires immediate care immediately after washing. Either features virtual dry skin:

• The small size of the pores.

• Dry skin.

• Appearance of fine lines.

• Roughness of the skin.

• gnawing feeling upset.

• Appearance of the skin pale. , and is characterized by dry skin as a very interactive environment and dislikes cold, heat and wind. It also tends to peel and has a tendency to premature aging by the appearance of lines and fine wrinkles.

There is a difference between the dried skin and dry skin, dried skin is dry and thirsty skin needs extra care to adapt the system to feed the class AL cornel weak. When dealing with dry skin, the goal must always be to restore harmony layer AL cornel. According to the advice of all the experts, the skin: the skin should be cleaned according to its kind.

The skin should be dry cleaned without removing the skin’s protective film. So you can choose cleaner milk thick, and face with flower water, then put your moisturizer rich cream contains ceramides, which reduces the salts and slows down the evaporation of water in the skin. Masks for dry skin:

1. Mix tablespoons honey with two spoons of milk. Put them over the face and throat. Leave for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

2. Mash apricots, and mix it with warm olive oil to form a paste. Put a layer of it on your face and leave for 10 minutes, then wash your face. Few tips to help deal with dry skin:

3. Drink one and a half liters of water every day to keep the rate of hydration of skin cells. It is also beneficial to your overall health.

4. Zaidi effects moisturizing essential oils added to the cream of the day and night.
5. Choose creams rich.

6. Eat a diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables.

7. Stay away from alcohol, and sugary drinks and unhealthy foods. Localized solutions for dry skin peeled:

8. Put a little sugar on the palm of your hand with some water and licked its face and dry areas.

9. Rub half of the apple on the skin to help balance textures.

10. Make sure not to use a water-based disinfectants that.

11. Try to use the iris flower, they are excellent to retain moisture in the skin.

Linda Allen Scam-Recommendations for pregnant woman

Recommendations for pregnant woman:

•    Fill pillow mint leaves, oregano, pine needles;

•    Take Chamomile tea (1 tbsp. spoon chamomile flowers pour a glass of boiled water, half an hour to drink 70 ml for 1 hour before a meal);

•    Receive an infusion of hawthorn fruit (100g crushed hawthorn fruit pour 2 cups of water, simmer for half an hour, cool and strain, take 50-75 ml 3 times daily after meals);

•    Take a mint infusion (1 tbsp. spoon take mint leaves, lemon balm, oregano and pour ½ liter of boiling water, insist in a thermos 8:00; drink 1 cup 3 times a day).
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Preventive measures:

•    Mandatory walks during the day;

•    Important gymnastics for pregnant women;

•    Tune into the positive ( deep breathing , yoga , meditation );

•    Put a pillow between your legs;

•    Right did not look aggressive transmission horror;

•    Ventilate the room;

•    Eat a light dinner, drink tea at night;

•    4 hours limit your fluid intake.
Streptococcus – a virus that is very common among children. Adults are accustomed to treat him fairly easily. But here streptococcus during pregnancy on the basis of the sad statistics causes more fear among doctors.

Alarming doctors and scientists a significant increase in deaths from group A streptococcal infection during pregnancy or within a short period after birth. Cases have increased since 2005.

Folk remedies for pregnant woman

Folk remedies for pregnant woman:
• Wipe the skin juice viburnum (2-3 times a day);
• Wipe infusion of calendula (1 tbsp. spoon calendula blossoms pour ½ liter of boiling water, leave for 30 min., drain, cool, wipe 2-3 times a day);
• Warm lotion from sage and honey (1 tbsp. tablespoon sage 30min. insist on 1 cup of boiling water, drain, add ½ teaspoon of honey, 2-3 times a day);
• Compress potato (100g grated raw potato pulp, 1 teaspoon of honey mixed, put on gauze layer thickness of 1 cm, applied to the inflamed parts of a couple of hours, then easily remove the remaining juice from the face).
Preventive measures:
• Be sure to use the facilities for cleaning (washing delicate soap 2 times a day or use foams, lotions for sensitive skin);
• Reduce the amount of makeup application;
• Only go on cosmetics for sensitive skin;
• Not wipe and face with a towel (better paper, disposable);
• More likely to change pillowcases;
• Not squeeze a single pimple;
• Do not use oil-based resources;
• Keep drinking regime;For Health News
• Eat rationally (with an abundance of vegetables and fruits).
Insomnia – Interruption of sleep, falling asleep later, reducing the depth of sleep, early awakening can disturb a woman awaiting baby. Pregnancy (23-25 weeks) with increasing tummy may start to manifest problems with sleep. In recent weeks may appear disturbing dreams.