Amanda Leto Scam-The best healthy grapes vineyards

Riling Riesling 2014 late harvest, winemaking Janise

Wine bright yellow color

Prim is played blooming flowers of linden, honey and herbs scent. In the end I feel so much prized hint of kerosene. Certainly accompany everything smells fresh and salt water. Estimated price: 290 USD Just One Click Www.Health.Proconview.Com

Riling Riesling 2011

DEVÍN 2012 selection of grapes, wine

Carpathian pearl elegant wine of intense color The smell of distinguished honey combs and nutmeg
The flavor emerges tropical fruits like mandarin, pineapple and grapefruit. Pleasant to goose or duck terrine. Estimated price: 250 USD

DANUBE 2012 selection of grapes, wine

Wine very saturated colors.

In the nose full of black fruit with a touch of elegant scent of wood

A beautifully structured wine suitable for cheeses as well as dessert. Estimated price: 260 USD


ROSA 2012 selection of grapes,

Wine deep red color with a purple edge The intense aroma is dominated aroma of tea roses complemented by the tone of dried herbs and red berries. The same tones as well as recognize the taste. Certainly decorate your home barbecue. Estimated price: 250 USD


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