Dr. Darwin Smith-How to protect the hair

A hat or cap, although a great solution to protect hair from harmful solar radiation, heat, Titles and increase perspiration.

To protect the hair would prefer to use a spray with UV filter, e.g. Schwarzkopf BC Bon acre Sun.
In hot weather sprinkle the hair with water that attracts and radiation can cause hair damage. I’d rather soak in cold water and bandage scarf around his head. The fabric prevents the direct impact of the sun on her hair.Author of Yeast Infection Linda Allen

Least in the kitchen, where the cooks

Wear as little jewelry; avoid salads and that body too hot.

Wear your purse in a small folding fan.

Cool-drenched room recipe from Israel: Soak in cold water or use towels laundered clothes and hang them in the windows open. Natural “air conditioning” freshen the air inside. Hot days are ideal for washing curtains. Hang them on the window still wet.

Exercise in the morning or evening, when the air temperature is bearable.

If it does not, limit the length of the movement.

Drink lukewarm, not iced drinks. They organism, although cool, but at the same time increasing its temperature and rob the body of energy to heat the cold parts of the
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Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol, which cause dehydration.


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