Mike Walden Scam-Finding healthy wines

After 1989, significant changes have occurred.

The area planted with vines sharply decreased to about half – today farmed vineyards around 16,000 hectares
Changed significantly but the quality of wine produced.

Slovakia’s northern wine region Visit my Personal Blogs Www.Health.Proconview.Com

Unlike wines from the south because the local wines contain significant aromatics, less alcohol, high residual sugar and a high proportion of the extract

Due to its geographical position Slovak winemakers can also offer specialties such as ice and straw wines.
Wine temple in the Small Carpathians

Became an important center of Small Carpathian wine region between Bratislava and Travis, where half of the first decade of this millennium has grown one of the most modern wineries in Eastern Europe.

I’ve heard compared to the winery temple 21st century.
Location of 110 hectares of vineyards is superior.

Planting took place in a sci-fi-Austrian breeding station has supplied not only clones, but also used when planting a GPS system that allow optimal positioning of vineyards Profile landscape.

The grapes are grown organically.
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But success is harvested and winemakers with less background. Representative of a new wave of Slovak winemakers should be Mr. Roman Janise, which annually produces around 60,000 bottles.


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