The benefits of having vineyards

Certainly the way the Slovak vineyards and cellars do not miss Travis. There, in 1997, two friends
Peter Stank and Vladimir Manure – founded the winery that became the Slovak term.

Slovakia to the east and the gold treasure – Tokay!
Chanting monarchs, writers, philosophers, admired by wine connoisseurs and giving joy to all who can appreciate exceptional quality

The center of Slovak Tokay wine region, municipalities are small and large tuna.
Latest Review

In the “large” farms for a total of about 50 hectares and in Bohemia popular spring

Not alone from the Slovak winemakers who have traveled a long way to the modern concept of the wine skills.
Top wines from neighbors can taste in our country. Some of them are presenting to you today.

CHARDONNAY 2012 selection of grapes, wine
Subtle shades with subtle aromas of tropical fruit, in which you can make out especially mango and oranges.
The delicate flavor with a long fruity aftertaste I recommend the veal ragout
Estimated price: 290 USD


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