Butter can get cheaper than margarine, declining demand

Butter can get cheaper than margarine, declining demand
The price of butter in stores for several months in a row decreases. Similar declines always mean bad news for manufacturers of margarines. Indeed, the cheaper the more butter, the fewer people reaching for vegetable fats.

Butter cheaper Many Sources Here http://health.proconview.com/grow-taller-4-idiots/

“The price of butter, especially in the summer significantly decreased. Makes him our customers buy more than before, and it is at the expense of margarine,” says spokeswoman Judith.

Minor changes in consumer behavior and recorded in Tesco. “U margarine in recent weeks seen a slight decline,” said spokesman Michael

According to the latest available figures from the Czech Statistical Office in July this year was worth a quarter of a pound of butter in the store an average of less than 33 crowns, which is still about ten crowns more than the same amount of margarine.

Since then, the price went down, and even in some stores no longer a problem to get butter cheaper than vegetable fat.

Due to the relatively low price and Czechs by the State Agricultural Intervention Fund in June this year bought 600 tons of butter more than in the same month last year. This represents an increase of 64%. Free News Www.Health.Proconview.Com


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