Medical Faculty of Charles University

Snack of Professor Stephen III

Internal Clinic of the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague while to note, that the size XXXXXL can get almost anyone. The only difference is that it is faster to someone else and slower.Informative Information Here Linda Allen Scam

In younger obese people is yet to ten times higher mortality than their lean peers. Commonly die “accidentally”, ie from complications after injuries, accidents or operations.

Older obese people die typically tumors, heart attack or stroke. Mortality is with them about two to three times higher.
Cut the body of an obese man shows large amount of subcutaneous and visceral fat inside the abdomen.
Bodies wrapped in fat

For the body are especially dangerous so-called internal fats that cannot be felt on my stomach or butt
Encapsulate organs and released into the body of harmful substances that facilitate developing diabetes and heart disease. The risk is increasing even with a modest overweight and each kilo him down on the contrary the fat man again significantly reduced.
Best Review Linda Allen Scam

“High levels of fats in the blood leads to hardening of the arteries, which affects all the arteries in the body, but the most important are the consequences of impaired cardiac and cerebral vessels.


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