Chamomile tea protects against cancer

A cup of chamomile tea helps in the defense against cancer, say researchers at the Ohio State University. Apigenin, a substance which is contained in the beverage, removes the cancerous cells.

Chamomile successful in the fight against cancer
The enzyme apigenin blocks cancer cells, stopping their spread and make them more sensitive to the drugs.

In addition, it corrects abnormalities in ribonukleinksoj acids, which are responsible for the occurrence of 80 percent of cancers.

We know we need to eat healthier, but often do not know the real reason for it.

With this research we found a beneficial effect of apigenin, which acts on many proteins in our cells and establishes their normal account.

This study has great value for the development of clinical preventive strategies antikarcerogenih-dokrot says Andrea Dosef, a molecular geneticist at the University of Ohio.

Apigenin next to chamomile tea, found in parsley and celery, as well as many fruits and vegetables, which is present in the Mediterranean diet .


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