Food as medicine – Spices who treat

There is nothing nicer than a meal add some herbs that you have purchased in the market or even picked in nature. In addition to providing a nice flavor food, these plants are medicinal.

If you do not have fresh herbs, you can use them in the diet in the form of essential oils. However, be sure that essential oils are purchased from a reliable supplier and, of course, carefully Dispense the. If essential oils you consume orally, keep in mind that it is enough to enter the body more than three drops – all essential oils – per meal. Add them food just before serving.


Basil is good for digestion. It is excellent with salads, soups and pasta.


Sage reduces perspiration, bursts of heat, stopping lactation and purifies the throat. He goes best with soups, dishes from the oven and some sauces.


Rosemary considered the natural replacement for aspirin because it calms the nervous system and strengthens digestion. It’s great in stews, soups, and gives a nice flavor and baking.


Caper soothes gases and bloating. The best in soups, sauces and weirs


Coriander is effective in urinary tract infections, and gives flavor to soups and vegetables.


Parsley refreshes your breath. A powerful diuretic, excellent with urinary tract infection, It is served with almost every meal with meat and fish, and is an essential seasoning in soups and CORBA.


Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Goes well with all the dishes, goes well with fish, olive oil, salads and stews



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