Amanda Leto Scam-The use of ozone mixture for cellulite removal

The use of ozone mixture can cure many skin and fungal diseases such as dermatosis, herpes, and psoriasis (as a result helps to achieve ozone therapy for the face – we wrote in the previous article). Contraindications to ozone therapy body Despite the fact that ozone has a long list of indications and is almost not the safest method of correction, but it has its contraindications, such as: Get More Info About Amanda Leto Scam

– Allergic to ozone; – Problems with blood clotting; – Internal bleeding; – Hyperthyroidism (thyroid gland);

– Acute pancreatitis; – Myocardial infarction; – Ozone therapy; -; – Thrombocytopenia; – Acute alcoholic psychosis; – Convulsions; – Hypotension; – Cancer.

With regard to cancer, the effects of ozone stimulate the growth of cancer cells, the presence of which we cannot realize. So before you decide on the procedure of ozone therapy, it is recommended to be safe:

pass a preliminary examination and consult a doctor who everything else, will prescribe acceptable concentration of ozone injected (each of us has his own threshold of sensitivity to the gas),
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on which the safety of this procedure. And if until recently control components of this mixture was not easy, but today this problem is solved with the help of modern equipment that allows you to mark the presence of oxygen-ozone in the tissues of the patient throughout the session.


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