Fibroids Miracle Scam-The expectant mother cannot always experience the joy

Of course, the expectant mother cannot always experience the joy in this, but from reality will not go away. Pregnancy is not interrupted, and childbirth occurs.

It was found that there are very competent doctors to take a woman’s pregnancy ultrasound for cancer or a cyst. Woman, of course, very nervous and going through until this “tumor” or “cyst” does not begin to move, and then successfully is born and lives a full life.Sometimes a woman can learn about pregnancy, when her hospitalized with an acute attack of appendicitis.
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This is where it becomes clear that it is not appendicitis.Miracles happen when a woman during pregnancy bleeding occur, a doctor or several doctors first pregnancy do not see this, then diagnosed “miscarriage”, “ectopic pregnancy”, “missed abortion” and sent for cleaning.

And at the last moment it turns out that there is a pregnancy, and there is a fetal heartbeat. By the way, here’s the next pregnancy after such “miracles” can be very correct and classical, “from books.” It has been argued that hard to get pregnant at different Rh blood factors men and women.

In fact, the Rh factor plays a role in the interaction of the organism of mother and unborn child. So, if the parents Rh factors are the same, no harm to the kid, so more attention when the situation calls for Rh negative blood of the mother and the father positive.


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