Mike Walden Scam-Ultrasound may appoint another 5-7 weeks of pregnancy

3 sessions are usually recommended ultrasound:

•    10-14 weeks of pregnancy;

•    20-24 weeks of pregnancy;

•    32-34 weeks of pregnancy.

Ultrasound may appoint another 5-7 weeks of pregnancy. But it will intravaginal ultrasound probe. Tip: to fill the bladder with water in this case should not be. It can be assigned to ultrasound before delivery, in the 38th week of pregnancy.
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This will prevent cord entanglement, and determine the location of the child. 3-D-ultrasound and 4-D-ultrasound, many doctors do not consider more accurate than the conventional two-dimensional ultrasound. But parents can consider them features, get expressive baby photo.

Doppler sonography (Doppler) during pregnancy – Doppler is one of the options Ultrawave study. This study allows us to determine the quality of blood flow through the vessels of the uterus, the umbilical cord blood. Doppler sonography determines sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrition to the baby.
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To conduct Doppler ultrasound is attached to the machine console to enhance ultrasound. Doppler shows especially after the bad results and KGT at risk of cord entanglement.

Coagulation (hemostasiogram) during pregnancy – Coagulation is blood clotting, which is the availability of a sufficient number of platelets.

The analysis is performed on an empty stomach, from the cubital vein. Results clotting issued in 3-7 days. Coagulation during pregnancy appointed 3 times:
•    When registering in the LCD;
•    At 16-20 weeks;
•    27-30 weeks (before the decree).


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