Amanda Leto-Postoperative bandage after cesarean section

Postoperative bandage after cesarean section – This type of brace support muscles of the anterior abdominal wall incision and fixesworn it lying down. Bondage is usually made in the form of band-model grace, which is the bottom buckle. It can also be done as a band-belt width of 20-30 cm with Velcro.

Waist strap with the player – In this band embedded player, which you can record music via USB or written parental voice through a microphone. Even with the included player can walk or sleep at night – the sound is transmitted through vibrations on the surface of the abdomen. Batteries are built. In the lumbar part of the belt has a massaging elements relieves the expectant mother.
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Wear a bandage or not? Which band to choose? All these issues need to be addressed individually. But the main thing – before making a decision you should definitely consult with your doctor.One of the most important periods of our life, pregnancy, may overshadow some problems.

Timely preventive measures will help to reduce their level of symptoms. But folk remedies to be completely safe method of treatment. Although complete elimination of many of them expect it will be possible only at the end of pregnancy.

Acne pregnant – Pregnancy can trigger the appearance of acne (acne) or increase the level of its manifestations. Blame the increase in androgen hormones, lack of fluid.


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