Linda Allen Scam-Recommendations for pregnant woman

Recommendations for pregnant woman:

•    Fill pillow mint leaves, oregano, pine needles;

•    Take Chamomile tea (1 tbsp. spoon chamomile flowers pour a glass of boiled water, half an hour to drink 70 ml for 1 hour before a meal);

•    Receive an infusion of hawthorn fruit (100g crushed hawthorn fruit pour 2 cups of water, simmer for half an hour, cool and strain, take 50-75 ml 3 times daily after meals);

•    Take a mint infusion (1 tbsp. spoon take mint leaves, lemon balm, oregano and pour ½ liter of boiling water, insist in a thermos 8:00; drink 1 cup 3 times a day).
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Preventive measures:

•    Mandatory walks during the day;

•    Important gymnastics for pregnant women;

•    Tune into the positive ( deep breathing , yoga , meditation );

•    Put a pillow between your legs;

•    Right did not look aggressive transmission horror;

•    Ventilate the room;

•    Eat a light dinner, drink tea at night;

•    4 hours limit your fluid intake.
Streptococcus – a virus that is very common among children. Adults are accustomed to treat him fairly easily. But here streptococcus during pregnancy on the basis of the sad statistics causes more fear among doctors.

Alarming doctors and scientists a significant increase in deaths from group A streptococcal infection during pregnancy or within a short period after birth. Cases have increased since 2005.


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