Problem Hair Growth Under The Skin And Treatment

The hair follicle is surrounded by resemble acne causing pain on the skin surface could cause hair growth under the skin in the incidence of inflammation around the hair shaft to developing the interior, and in particular to the owners of oily skin.

It is likely to be extended to long periods of inflammation causing a lot of distress to the owners of the problem, especially since the extent of the response to treatment is limited, so it is sometimes necessary to remove those hairs from under the skin.

Preferably hair is removed at intervals. When you remove hair, has to be sterilized skin first using acid detergent before the removal, because of the easy entry of a microbial friendly that live on the skin naturally into the hair follicles, which causes inflammation of them and thus change the direction of the hair or the occurrence of patches Place onion on the skin. No specific reasons for this problem, but it is the most important known causes that cause hair growth to the inside:

1 – Hair wrinkled.

2 – in cases of eczema fatty acids.

3 – Exposure to injuries.

4 – Way razor from bottom to top.

5 – Oily skin.

6 – Increasing the thickness of the skin
7 – in some cases, the use of wax (or sugar) increases the rate of growth of hair under the skin, which leads to the emergence of small grains, causing inflammation around the hair may thus lead to inflammation of the lymph nodes nearby.
About Health Info
8 – with a darker skin color. , and I, my daughters has compiled answers to the doctors to the problem after doing my job sweetness to disarm furry leg I notice hair growth – recently – under the skin + the existence of black heads bother me a form and I do not know how to get rid of them I have noticed it’s something diffuse Many among Is this normal??,

that the method of hair removal in the wrong way is what causes this phenomenon, what happens is that the microbes on the skin after waxing process to carry out the bulb and is doing inflammation occurs (3-7) after removal Hair worked to change the direction of the bulb appears under the skin in the same way that recommend using natural means containing honey naturally in hair removal.


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