Problem Hair Growth Under The Skin

When Hair unwanted suffering from growth under the skin significantly, until it becomes a long, so strongly I can remove it, note that the type of hair thick and heavy, and more areas that grow under the skin where the hair is on the legs, Is there a solution to this problem? Note that it has caused embarrassment to me. Ways proven and useful you can use to stop the growth of hair:

1 – Soak lupine in water for 6 hours, then TAKE water and Keep it in the refrigerator and grease it on your arms and legs and everywhere devoid of hair, and keep it for 3 weeks daily.

2 – Take the olive oil and grease by your body, and you will notice that hair growth delay, and when the show will light, and if the hair kind boor it will appear very weak, and reconcile with after the hair of the legs in the traditional manner (sweetness) began to grow hair, but under the skin became the halos in the form of a black and red semi-inflamed. Patient it for three weeks now but it’s still growing quirky under the skin.

Is this a rare case? What is the treatment for her? Thank Here are some important tips that may help alleviate the pain caused by hair removal a ways to soften hair growth

1 – Beware of the use of sweetness to many times for fear of injury gland hair and damage and so as not to lose the sweet smoothness and become less efficient and caused Breaking Hair
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2 – should not exceed the temperature of sweetness 40 ° C and only going to be the cause of the burning of the skin, and the most important that the high temperature limit appropriate to cause dilation and swelling of the veins and you become then susceptible to disease, varicose veins.

3 – Everyday sweetness on the skin in thick layers thus not break it during the process of push and pull.
4 – Do not try to attract the sweetness quickly.


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