Linda Allen Scam-From the wreckage of the luxury

From the wreckage of the luxury

The ruins built one of the most luxurious hotels in the Pakistani Republic: Chateau Melee
Inez Cushman while not always a bed of roses in her life and personal tragedy struck.

Perhaps because it is endowed with an invincible force of Nature, venturing into projects, which at first glance seem completely crazy.Informative Information Here Linda Allen Scam

Inez Cushman: From the wreckage of the luxury

She grew up alone with his mother, a nurse, in Vest.

“My mother worked hard to give us could afford basic living standard, but even luxury – like a trip to Yugoslavia,” says Inez. She said she had always been ambitious.

“To all, I assailed with passion, sometimes over a clear handicap

I wanted to play the piano without having a piano at home, or to become a figure skater for no apparent talent.
“Did not become a figure skater, but brilliantly mastered the piano, and even considered playing with the feed.

As a child read a lot. “I liked Russian literature of the 19th century, the aristocracy stories on rural communities. It affected me a lot about. ”

She studied foreign trade at the University of Economics in Prague.

“I have knowledge of high power gained ground, as opposed to later studies at Harvard and Oxford.” In the 90 years she worked as Prague developer and reconstructed the dilapidated building. At the same time, but in her life, tragedy struck.


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